The Coaches

Head Coach

Samantha Noble - LTA Accredited+ level 3 licensed Tennis Coach.

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Chairman / Coach

Mike Reynolds - LTA Accredited+ level 3 licensed Tennis Coach.

GLTC Coach since 2010. Tennis is a very technical game and the satisfaction of learning how to play it is immense, especially when you learn it together with a very social group of fun-loving people. That is what you get if you join one of my coaching groups, fun and satisfaction or your money back. Individual lessons also available. Email me for details.

Additional Coaching Information

LTA Coach Licensing Standards

As a minimum requirement to coach at GLTC, a Coach must have an appropriate qualification for the level of tennis that they are coaching, a current First Aid qualification, a current Disclosure and Barring Service certificate if working with children (formerly Criminal Records Bureau check) and current public liability insurance.

LTA Accredited+ Coach is a higher level of accreditation. Only fully qualified coaches can obtain an LTA Coach Licence by completing a course that equips them with the skills to provide individual and group coaching. They must have current First Aid qualifications and current Disclosure and Barring Service certificates.

Accredited+ Coaches must complete a minimum of 15 hours of additional training each year. This time commitment helps to ensure that Licensed Coaches have up-to-date knowledge and skills and are more likely to be aware of important changes and modern standards.

Some Accredited+ Coaches may hold advanced qualifications. Remember to ask Accredited+ Coaches for specific information about their qualification. Coach licences must be renewed each year.

LTA Accredited Coaches hold a basic accreditation but they must have appropriate qualifications, current First Aid certificates and current Disclosure and Barring Service certificates (formerly Criminal Records Bureau check).

Nobody is allowed to lead coaching sessions at GLTC without appropriate qualifications and current certification and public liability insurance, although Coaching Assistants may coach under the supervision of an Accredited+ Coach who is present at the time of coaching. GLTC will not accept responsibility for accident or injury to a player being coached at the club by someone who does not hold current public liability insurance or First Aid certification, so it is important that you ask your Coach for evidence of certificates and insurance as described above.

You can check if your Coach holds appropriate qualifications, certificates and insurance from the LTA website, by calling the LTA East office (01223 210111) or by asking the Coach to provide evidence of these requirements.

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